5 Powerful Songs You Need to Hear Right Now

Feb 18

Who doesn’t love the occasional song recommendation? We do! So, here are 5 inspirational songs that you should be listening to right now because – in a word – they’re life-changing (no, but really).


1. She – Harry Styles

Harry Styles has some hidden gems under his belt and this one is one of them. Nostalgic in a way, it dwells between reality and imagination as Styles sings about a woman that lives in his dreams. With a very British sound and a brilliant, purely instrumental outro of almost three minutes, the track stands out on its own amongst the rest of Fine Line and is definitely one of our top favorites from his new album.


2. Rescue – Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle has a unique gift for creating music that will instantly give you chills. And it’s no different with this song. “Rescue” is especially powerful for someone who’s going through a difficult moment – or struggling with something. It’s also a reminder that eventually everything will be alright. Just try not to cry… ok maybe just a little bit.


3. Put A Little Love on Me – Niall Horan

Heartbreaks are no fun and if you’re going through one, then we might suggest making this song your anthem, but be warned – you’ll be bawling your eyes out. This Niall ballad feels like a raw representation of the pain and longing that come after a breakup. It’s stripped down, focusing on Horan’s vocals and piano. This is the second single off his upcoming album to be released this year, 'Heartbreak Weather' is coming out March 13, 2020. And we're here for it!


4. Grande Amore – Il Volo

This pop-opera trio has come a long way from where they started. We remember listening to Il Volo's first album back in 2010, and falling in love with the way their voices intertwine and complement each other. Even though this track isn’t from their most recent album, it’s definitely one of the best representations of their talent. Grande Amore shows incredible lyricism, an exhilarating progression, and the magical combination of Il Volo's voices. It’s also a perfect track for anyone who’s still feeling those post-Valentine's Day butterflies (*wink wink*).


5. Temporal – Ozuna

Taking reggaetón back to its reggae roots, Ozuna joins Willy Rodriguez (from Puerto Rican reggae band Cultura Profética) on this track. “Temporal” stands out nicely from the rest of the Nibiru album's songs, as it differs from the prominent reggaetón beat that flows through the rest of the album. It shows a different side to Ozuna and it’s a nice addition to his collection.


So, what do you think? We hope these 5 dynamic tracks help you power through the work week and vibe into the weekend!

By Antonella Bocaranda