Technical Information – In House Audio/Video

In house video:

  • The BB&T Center video system consists of the following:
  • 2 Trinity digital video editors-computer based systems
  • 1 Sony PVW-2800 Beta-cam recorder/player
  • 2 JVC BR-85D digital "S" recorder/player
  • 1 Ross 16 Input 316 video switcher
  • 2 ASC digital video still store/Ad reel/slo-mo computer system
  • 4 channel clearcom intercom system
  • 1 Mackie SR-24-4 audio mixer
  • 62 channels of CATV distribution
  • Various color and black and white monitors
  • 6 video time base correctors
  • 4 Mitsubishi LED center hung video walls
  • 4 Matrix scoreboard panels-center hung and 4 at ad panel level

Video system capabilities:

  • All video feeds from camera positions, video production room, goal camera signals and all other video signals route to the Event Level production bay area to the head-in room patchbay.
  • Video signals are routable to the video walls, in house CATV and video recorders via video production room patchbay.
  • Video production has the ability for graphics, still store, slo-mo, and various digital video effects.

In house audio:

  • DDA 28x8x2 analog mixing console linked to a Peavey Media Matrix for all audio signal routing.
  • QSC power amplification linked to 6 community speaker clusters, as well as 24 catwalk mounted cabinets for upper seating audio.
  • 2 CD players, 2 cassette decks, 1 Roland digital announcement playback machine.
  • Numerous audio and video patch points through out the Event Level, all equipped with the 4 channel Clearcom intercom system.

Portable sound system and visual equipment:

  • 2 EV 8 channel powered mixers with graphic eq
  • 4 Ramsa speakers with stands
  • 2 JBL EON 10 powered speakers
  • 2 Denon 660 cassette/CD players
  • 2 Shure LX series wireless handheld mics
  • 2 Shure LX series wireless lavalier microphones
  • 2 Elmo slide projectors
  • 2 Sony SVO-1420 VCRs
  • 2 Panasonic 32" SVHS color monitors with Gran vision scan converter VGA to SVHS/Comp
  • 1 Panasonic video camera
  • 1 Williams narrow band FM listening system