Technical Information – Labor Service Rigging


AOC, acting as operator and manager of BB&T Center, has approved three stage labor companies to provide service at the facility; it will be the responsibility of the show promoter to contact labor service for your event.


The approved companies are:

Innercept Management Corporation
Billy Collins

IATSE Local 500
Alan Glassman
Phone: 954.202.2624
Fax: 954.772.4713

Professional Theatrical Technicians
Maria Munro

All event labor invoices are the responsibility of the show producer and the facility will not become a party to disputes between the producer and the labor provider.

All stage labor must enter the employee entrance on the northeast end of the building.

All rigging points over any seating areas must contain safety bridles.

BB&T Center may, on an event-by-event basis, provide an in-house production coordinator to ensure that the pollicies, work rules and safety regulations are complied with by outside stage labor. The BB&T Center in-house production coordinator will have the final say in any production rigging or safety-related issues.

Labor company must provide OSHA approved harnesses for spotlight operators.