The Explosive Elements of the Marvel Universe Come to Life, Nov. 20-23 at BB&T Center

Packed with a roster of some of the most courageous characters ever created, these heroes and villains leap right off of the comic book pages and onto the stage as these super heroes must band together to stop a legion of super villains in Marvel Universe LIVE!

A live action experience based around a battle over the dangerous Cosmic Cube, the super hero spectacle features some of the most recognizable faces in Marvel.

With 25 heroes and villains ranging from the Amazing Spider-Man to the powerhouse team of the Avengers, including Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor and much more, the battle between good and evil will be up witnessed in person as the heroes try to save us all from Loki, Red Skull, Green Goblin and some of the most sinister villains in the universe.

An event for all ages, the show is filled with thrilling stunts and special effects turning the fantasy of the comic book world into a reality, through a display of martial arts, aerial acrobatics and motocross. From children who’ve been introduced to the heroes through the silver screen and television to hardcore fans of all things Marvel, the original story of Marvel Universe LIVE! Is a can’t-miss performance and a one-of-a-kind experience.